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Critical Business Systems Connectivity and Network Performance

An intelligent, secure, high performance data network makes business possible from anywhere, and delivers an always on transport for end users and customers that are accessing critical business systems. This is especially true of application delivery initiatives (both private or public) where the data network provides connectivity and transport for all business systems.

As business initiatives drive changes to your network, OptiStor has a unique expertise to assist you in the following focus areas:

Core/Edge Switching – Incorporating advanced features that are designed to deliver big bandwidth across all ports in the datacenter (such as Ethernet Fabric).

Storage Area Networks - The Storage Area Network (both fiber channel and IP based) connects critical data storage assets to the business, making data accessible and portable for all business systems.

Bandwidth Optimization - Network latency and performance is key to linking businesses over distance. WAN acceleration solutions today are intended to change the physics associated with movement of data over the Wide-Area-Network.

Load Balancing - Local server and topology based load balancing are critical elements of the always on, available from anywhere business portal that is commonly associated with application delivery.

Secure VPN - Mobile devices present an interesting connectivity challenge, and as they explode onto the scene, most businesses and network administrators will be faced with network access and security issues.

The OptiStor team has proven experience working with technologies up and down the network stack, and is ready to help you with your technology roadmap.


OptiStor has a unique expertise to assist you as business initiatives drive changes to your network